With new influences including pop, Motown and R&B, the band's future seems bright.”

The Auburn Plainsman

ALABAMA AVENUE has evolved from a primarily Southern rock and country "bar band" to a well-rounded, professional party band, covering the most popular party music from every genre in every decade of the last 70 years. 

ALABAMA AVENUE originated in 2005 in East Alabama, taking its name from the main street through the courthouse square in Lafayette, Alabama. Through many changes and members, ALABAMA AVENUE now consists of four talented members dedicated to a full-time career in live music. 

ALABAMA AVENUE is an engaging party band. Guests are inclined to sing and dance at the first notes of their favorite songs.  ALABAMA AVENUE is currently booking nightly entertainment, corporate events, wedding receptions, private parties, tailgates, festivals, and other fun celebrations!  


KEVIN WELCH - Lead Vocals

Favorite songs to belt in the car/shower/karaoke:

"Say Hello to Heaven" by Temple of The Dog


"Black Bird" by Alter Bridge







What is the most interesting thing about you not on your resume?

"I am a student of eschatological prophecy."







What is your motto or advice you live by?

"Vi Veri Vernersum Vivus Vici"

By the power of truth, I, while living, will conquer the universe.








What would you title your autobiography?

"A Series of Unforgettable Events"